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Reincarnated Buddha in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Ram Bahadur Bamjan believed to be the reincarnation of Buddha blesses a Buddhist monk in Nijgadh town, about 160 kilometers (100 miles) south of Kathmandu, Nepal on Wednesday. Bamjan, 18, has re-emerged from the jungle in southern Nepal, attracting thousands of devotees, officials said on Tuesday. After retreating into the jungle for more than a year, he re-emerged on Monday.

Thousands of people flocked to a remote jungle in southeast Nepal to see a boy, some believe is a reincarnation of Lord Buddha, who reappeared after missing for more than a year, police said on Tuesday.

Seventeen-year-old Ram Bahadur Bamjon spoke to devotees from nearby villages on Monday in the remote forest in Ratanpuri, 150 km southeast of Kathmandu, Prakash Sen, a police constable said. Bamjon made international headlines in 2005 when tens of thousands of people turned up to see him sitting cross-legged under a tree in a dense forest for nearly 10 months, reportedly without food and water. Hundreds of devotees, including many from neighbouring India are trekking the five-km site to see him on Tuesday, Sen said. "He spoke to the devotees standing near a temple in the forest," Prakash Sen said after a visit to the site. "He had shoulder-length hair and had his body wrapped in a white cloth." "Since many people are walking to see him, I think he has some of the qualities Lord Buddha had," he added. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born a prince in Lumbini, a sleepy town in Nepal's rice-growing plains about 350 km southwest of Kathmandu more than 2,600 years ago. He is believed to have attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya in Bihar, which borders Nepal.What you guys think ?


Jerusalem and Utah UFO,Jerusalem and Utah UFO

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Jerusalem and Utah UFO,Jerusalem and Utah UFO, Jan 26 / 28 2011, Smoking gun Bundle, ... Jan 26 / 28 2011, Smoking gun Bundle, ...

Ufo over lovstaken Bergen Norway

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i want some answers about this video 

This video came out in 2009 ...is that really a ufo from the outerspace or just another space project by nasa .......or an military aircraft .This ufo has a ben shapeed metallic body ......the video seems to be real and it is a ufo but..........the question is is it belongs to us or someone else......comment in this.....

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Shocking Alien Video Appears Online - Real or Fake?

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A stunning new video has appeared on YouTube claiming to be leaked footage of an alien being interrogated.


The black and white, grainy video shows a mysterious extraterrestrial figure on film apparently recorded between 1942 - 1969.


Inevitably the footage has gone viral with internet users asking the key question, is it real or fake?


Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs for the Ministry of Defence, says it is one of the best hoaxes he has seen.


"Looking at the skills of the filmmaker it's a nice piece of work," he said.


"The black and white imagery is a nice touch as it plays into that whole idea that it might be something that has been in the government vaults for a while. It might even relate to Roswell, the holy grail of ufology."


Ultimately, everyone will have their own opinion. So what do you think? Does this prove that aliens have landed on earth?

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From the Heartland: Michigan Hometown UFO

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Epoch Times Staff


Scanning the headlines last week, I read that a “blue orb” was spotted in the sky on Easter Sunday. Although UFO stories are a dime a dozen these days, this story was still special to me—the unusual light was sighted over the town I grew up, Roseville, Mich., a suburb on the east side of Detroit.


“What in the out-of-this-world is this?” joked the smooth-voiced announcer of the local Fox news affiliate, as vague photos of a blue streak flashed up on the screen. “We’ll work to try to get an answer for you, coming up later on.”


I’m not sure what people in Roseville actually saw, but I do know that UFO coverage has changed in the last decade. Claims of strange phenomena, which had previously been met with immediate disdain are slowly but steadily getting a chance to be heard.


So what accounts for the growing acknowledgment of UFO reports? Some trace it to the rise of the Internet, the gradual release of formally classified government documents, and a growing determination among eyewitnesses to speak out. I personally noticed a big shift in this type of coverage with an incident over Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport a few years back.


On Nov. 7, 2006, at least a dozen United Airlines employees saw a saucer hovering over gate C-17. Witnesses described a metallic-looking craft granting a several minute display during afternoon rush hour.


After delivering an eye-catching performance, the object took off with such speed and force that it punctured a hole in the clouds—a slowly dissipating shape for onlookers to contemplate for a lifetime.


Transportation reporter Jon Hilkevitch of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article on the incident that the publication has since identified as the “best-read online story” in its history. But getting the facts didn’t come easy. United and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) claimed to have no information about the incident until the Tribune filed a Freedom of Information Act request.


Later, United employees who personally witnessed the craft explained that the company told them to refrain from speaking about what they saw.


“I know that what I saw and what a lot of other people saw stood out very clearly, and it definitely was not an [Earth] aircraft," a mechanic told the Tribune.


Despite testimonies from pilots and other airline technicians whose job demands that they see and properly identify aerial activity, the FAA deemed the matter unworthy of investigation. Despite claims of witnessing a technology not yet known to this world, United officials dismissed the event as a weather phenomenon.


Evidently, the official response was to act as if eyewitnesses were delusional children unfamiliar with the sight of a passing cloud.


Articles like Hilkevitch’s point to a diminishing faith in the official story—an unfounded tale that has long served as little more than a knee-jerk reaction to shoot down any out-of-the-ordinary observation. While critics repeatedly argue that UFOs aren’t recognized by science, many suggest it is only because science refuses to acknowledge the evidence.


In her article “UFOs—A Challenge to Mainstream Science” Patricia B. Corbett explores the reasons behind this stubborn resistance. Corbett observes how the UFO phenomenon has been historically portrayed as a “goofy, fringe subject of interest only to the uneducated, fans of science fiction and others with over-excited imaginations.”


As a result, scientists—concerned with maintaining credibility and reputation—are left little choice but to collectively disavow anything that challenges group denial. “There is plenty of hard data about all aspects of the UFO phenomenon just begging for scientific evaluation,” writes Corbett. “What is needed on the part of science today is a radical shift in its worldview, in its mindset.”


While this mindset is changing, it still has a long way to go. Late last week, Detroit Fox News reported “mystery solved,” claiming the blue light in Roseville many saw was merely a homemade toy plane, decorated with strands of blue and red LED lights. But not everyone’s convinced.


I’m not sure what the people of my hometown saw, but if there are indeed beings that possess a highly advanced technology, I can assure you that they didn’t get there by systematically denying unusual observations.

Friends Witness Flame-like Light without Sound over California

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California - 05-04-11


We saw a bright, orange, flame-like light moving straight and steadily towards us thru the dark starry evening sky at a rate of speed as if it was an airplane, but lacking sound, and having no flashing lights.


As it drew closer, being about 1,500' up, perhaps 1/2 mile away or less, it slowed as it seemed to notice us looking at it and dimmed and turned around and headed back somewhat the way it came.


It continued to be just slightly visible as a dim, orange dot in the sky for about a minute as it continued to move off.


I was walking for exercise with a friend along a path behind a residential neighborhood when I saw this. We were talking about the stars, so it was natural that we noticed this bright, orange flame-like light heading right overhead.


I thought right away, this is no normal airplane, so I said "Let's stop and wait to see what it is."


It was heading steadily eastward out of the west and would have gone directly over our position, but just as I said this, it began to slow and dim, then turned in a somewhat uneven motion and made a "U" turn and headed back slightly to the north of the direction from which it had come.


I watched as it moved off, but soon gave up as it was so dim as to be barely visible, and seemed to be heading away at a slow speed.


This object seemed to look and behave nearly identical to one I saw some time ago not far from this location.

Strobing Lights in Sky Seen near Liberty, Indiana

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indiana - 04-29-11


While returning home from Oxford, OH to Liberty, IN on Bath Rd. in Franklin City., IN, I was looking off to the right towards Liberty.


I had been watching contrails from aircraft in a clear blue sky, which we had not seen in nearly a month.


The terrain is farmland with a few copses of trees and one can see the cell tower in Liberty, on US 27. While looking out towards that area, suddenly there were several teardrop flashes just above the trees in a straight-line trajectory moving from west to east, towards Oxford.


There were approximately five of them and to describe it, they moved so fast it was almost incomprehensible.


Just as I remarked to my husband, they were gone. It was NOT the cell tower, but looked like the strobes at an airport.


There is an airport belonging to Miami University, however, it was to the left and about 5 miles behind us. Further, they do not have those types of strobes.


These were silver-blue teardrop shapes. It was really hard to describe, though. No, I did not think it was a tower.


I am on that road virtually every day and know every nook and cranny of it.


It looked like the strobes on a runway and very much like an LED light.


To describe what I felt? Freaked out. Gave me a creepy feeling. It or they seemed to have just disappeared behind us into the sky.


It was still light out, too.

United Nations to appoint space ambassador to act as first contact for aliens visiting Earth

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If aliens ever land on Earth there will no longer be any confusion over who will greet them with the news the United Nations is set to appoint an astrophysicist to be their first human contact. Mazlan Othman is expected to be tasked with coordinating humanity’s response to an extraterrestrial visit, if ever required. The 58-year-old Malaysian will tell a conference next week that with the recent discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting around other stars, the detection of alien life is becoming more and more likely. Ms Othman, currently the head of the UN’s Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa), recently told fellow scientists that mankind needed to be ready to deal with alien contact.


Files released in March 2011

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The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions covering the years 2000-2005. Find out more about the House of Lords’ debate on UFOs, a flying saucer hoax that was treated as a potentially real alien invasion of the UK and how 1978 nearly became ‘the year of the UFO’.


UFO Headline News

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Explanation: Coast Guard determines the source of the red lights on Lake Erie

The US Coast Guard post in Lorain received numerous phone calls last night for a string of flashing red lights out over Lake Erie North of Sheffield Lake. 19 Action News viewers are calling saying it looks like strands of red blinking Christmas lights

Convincing Lake Erie UFO footage

Plausible footage of multiple UFOs over Lake Erie is being touted by UFO enthusiasts as the most convincing ever caught on camera. Michael Lee Hill from Eastlake has caught numerous UFO sightings on camera but this footage he believes is the finest he ever made on camera

Eastlake UFO?

EASTLAKE, Ohio -- It's not the first time someone has recorded images of something mysterious overLake Erie, but a Northeast Ohio man says it's the first time an image is clear and a complete evidence for the existance of ufo

Green fireball reported over Jacksonville, Florida

A Jacksonville, FL, witness reports watching a "green fireball fall down to Earth" at 10:05 pm on April 29, 2011, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. "I was jogging toward the north when, in the corner he saw a huge green fireball rises up in the farmers field

UFO spotted over royal wedding venue

tourist has reportedly filmed a UFO hovering over Westminster Abbey — the venue for Friday's royal wedding. The two-and-a half-minute video footage shows a shimmering white object in a cloudless blue sky near Big Ben. It seems to move and shift away from the city..